“Josh” – my new documentary short film – is now online!

I visited my friend and neighbour, Josh Vander Vies, one beautiful sunny day. He welcomed me (and my production assistant, El Apostol) into his home to film what is a regular Saturday for him and his family (Dalia Mykolaitiene, and her son, Karolis). It was an ordinary day all right, except that there’s nothing ordinary about Josh.

Josh is an athlete, artist, law student and motivational speaker. He’s a young man with big dreams… but that’s not what makes him special. “Josh” is a short documentary film about one ordinary day in an extraordinary man’s life.

“Josh” is now online at RipplemakersTV.com

“Ripple” is a web TV series that premiered on July 30, 2010. It is produced by Layaco Media filmmaker Carol Gancia. Layaco Media is a video production company based in San Francisco, California that uses technology and social media to solve the challenges of reaching your target audience.

“Ripple” is about regular people like you and me whose lives have had a positive influence on their communities. By virtue of who they are… by standing by their beliefs… by following their dreams… they create a ripple effect around them.

Happy viewing…