Time to Change the World

RJ Aquino

A friend of mine just turned 30 and he says, “It’s time to change the world!”

RJ Aquino is a Filipino who has been living in Vancouver for over 12 years now. He noticed that there is something terribly lacking in Vancouver’s local politics – a Filipino voice! He decided to step up and is now running for nomination in the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) to be a candidate for City Councilor in the next municipal elections.

RJ brings youthful energy and optimism to his campaign. He is running on issues like affordability, diversity and youth engagement. A beautiful city like Vancouver needs to be more affordable for all. City Hall should represent the diversity of its population. And there must be a way to engage young people into more active participation of City programs and initiatives.

RJ is up for that challenge. Come out and support RJ at his campaign launch this Sunday (April 10th) at the Capri Hall (3925 Fraser St. Vancouver), at 5:30pm.

Let’s help RJ “change the world.”



Happy Baby Boy

I was on a photo shoot last week doing portraits for a dear friend and his family.

I was a bit anxious, I must admit. I never know what to expect when babies (and/or animals) are involved. I remember my first gig in Vancouver working as a photographer in a portrait studio. I had three screaming toddlers first day at work. I resigned the next day.

This photo shoot was surprisingly different. Our little superstar was not only adorable, he was a pro. He kept dishing it out – one big smile after another – the entire hour of our portrait session! I couldn’t shoot fast enough.

Little Matteo has to be the happiest baby boy I’ve ever met.

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