Nature’s Artwork

I haven’t really seen too many sunsets in my life. But I’m glad I caught these and paid attention.

Who needs a canvass when you have clear, blue skies?

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Things I Do

There are things I do for work. Others I do for fun. And a few more… for the love of.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to do any and all three. Because with the first, I develop discipline. With the second, I build personality. And with the third, I get to be me.


“Beautiful Sin”

"Beautiful Sin"

I was born and raised Catholic. I grew up memorizing the 10 commandments, reciting rosaries and going to confession for fear of burning in hell.

The Catholic Church and I have a “love-hate relationship.” I struggle to stay awake at Sunday Masses, and yet, I was the organist for our parish for over 10 years. I question the relevance of religious rituals, and yet, as a kid, I looked forward to Simbang Gabi (Dawn Christmas Masses), Bisita Iglesia (Stations of the Cross) and Fiestas (religious festivals).

My biggest resentment of the church came when I heard a Catholic priest make homophobic remarks at the pulpit during one of his sermons. That’s when I slowly, but consciously, broke away from my Catholic “family.” For how could I be anywhere where I was not welcome?

My sexual orientation and lifestyle have always been at odds with my strict Catholic upbringing. It was a source of deep internal and personal conflict. It was only a few years ago when a Jesuit priest, and very good friend of mine, bridged the gap. He said, “The church may not be gay-friendly, but God is.”

Since then, I’ve made peace with myself and my God. Haven’t made it back to Church though, but that’s another story.