Philippine Independence Day in Vancouver

If there’s one thing Pinoys know how to do, it’s to throw a great party!

To celebrate the 113th year of Philippine Independence, Filipinos in Vancouver had not one, not two, but SIX Philippine Independence Day parties all over the Lower Mainland. SIX perfectly wonderful excuses to get together, sing and dance to traditional Filipino music, and of course, enjoy a picnic of all our favorite dishes from home.

I went to three of these parties (you’d have to be a certain politician to go to all six), and I particularly enjoyed the one in Slocan Park, Vancouver. The park was lined with community booths that shared food and treats to visitors, all for free! You can walk around the park and have a plate full of goodies at the end of one round. There was everything from lechon (roasted pig) to pansit (noodles) to puto (rice cakes) and pan de sal (bread rolls). It reminded me of our fiestas back home where people opened their doors and shared whatever they had with everyone.

We have a name for that too. It’s called Filipino hospitality. And I’m guessing that’s the secret behind all these great parties! 😉

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Cordillera Day in Vancouver

April 24th – Cordillera Day – is a celebration commemorating the brave struggles of indigenous peoples in the Philippines to protect their ancestral land and preserve their way of life. With music, dance and community chanting, people pay tribute to Cordillera martyrs who have fought for self determination in their own homeland.

Today, Cordillera Day is celebrated in different parts of the world including Hongkong, Belgium, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan and Canada. Organized by Cordillera migrants and attended by international solidarity partners and advocates, it is a reminder that the fight for social justice, genuine development and peace is far from over.

We need to be vigilant… and stay together.

Happy Cordi Day!