Lights, Camera… MOTION!

2011 kicked off to a great start for Curly Tail Pictures. We were commissioned to do a promotional video for a company called Motion Specialties BC.

Motion Specialties BC provides innovative solutions to people with limited mobility. They have everything from wheelchairs to van conversions, scooters to stair lifts, custom-made for people of all shapes, sizes, ages and physical/functional needs. Getting to know the company was a good thing in itself. Getting to know the people BEHIND the company was a gift.

Working closely with Motion Specialties’ senior officers, staff and clients made this production experience extremely enjoyable. It was the most organized and stress-free 10-hour day shoot I’ve ever been on.

Hats off, of course, to my lean, mean, all-Asian women production team. With Jennifer Lee behind the camera and Gaea Claver doing production stills and all-around PA work, I was able to focus on my job of story-telling.

As for post-production, it was Debra Sears – the lady with a golden voice – that pulled it all together with her beautiful narration that brought the video to life.

My sincere thanks to Kevin Perry (Operations Manager), John Armstrong (President), Rick Nori (Vice President and General Manager, Vancouver), Randy Baerg (Vice President and General Manager, Victoria/Nanaimo) and the entire Motion Specialties family for this wonderful opportunity to collaborate.

Click on this link to watch our 10-minute promotional video entitled, BACK IN MOTION.

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