Catch of a Lifetime (part 4)

We have a big one and we need help!

It was Danny on the chair on the 5th hour of the fight and our fish showed no signs of giving up. She was as stubborn as her captors.

All this time, Captain Chad was on his radio feeding reports to the harbor about this ongoing battle at sea. The news spread like wildfire in this little fishing village that some of his friends offered to lend a hand, if needed. When Danny took the chair at hour-5, and losing steam with every passing minute, it was obvious we needed help.

Moments later, help arrived. An hour later, the fight was over. The fish conceded and we won. It was only when the fish was finally secured that we could actually see the size of this monster. It was so humongous it wouldn’t even fit in the boat. Josh, the fisherman who came on board to help us in that last hour, predicted the weight on this fish to be over 800 pounds. Not quite.

When we finally got the marlin back to the harbor where an eager fishing crowd awaited, she was strung up and weighed. 917 pounds!! She was a catch of a lifetime.

12 hours at sea. 4 hours waiting for the fish. 6 ½ hours fighting the fish. And over an hour getting the fish on board and hauling her back to shore. All I can say is… thank god I had Gravol (not bananas) on board!

When all was said and done, all the pictures taken, Mable and I drove back to our hotel. We still couldn’t believe what just happened. But for the first time in over 12 hours, we were really hungry. “What would you like for dinner, Honey?” I asked. “Anything but seafood,” she replied.

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Angelina Cantada: Photographer. Filmmaker. Writer. Dog Walker.

4 Responses to Catch of a Lifetime (part 4)

  1. Poch says:

    ang saya! wonderful story, candy. and parang “catch of a lifetime” applies to more than the fish. 🙂

  2. Marieton Pacheco says:

    Loved the longer version!! 🙂 And 917 lbs…WOW.

  3. Flat out, hands down, absolutely the best fishing BIG LUCK BIG CATCH story I’ve read. Awesome. I can’t quite get my eyes around the size of the fish and the hours spent hauling her in. A: you spin a great tale and Mabel? Magnificent. Thanks for this post & for this site. Best, Renee Sarojini

  4. oh yeah, forgive me, i’m still sorta stunned – the photos! of course they are also magnificient.

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