Catch of a Lifetime (part 3)

Mable and our deckhand, Danny, working the line.

Mable is about the strongest woman I know – physically and mentally. She could (and would) take on anything and anyone. But on the angler’s chair I saw that she was giving everything she’s got with every rotation. There were huge beads of sweat dripping down her face under the burning heat of the midday sun. I wish there was something I could do to help. I wish I could provide her some relief. But all I could do was stand behind her and be her water girl.

It was only then, watching Mable and Danny work the line, that I fully understood the fishing technique Danny was trying to teach us earlier in the day. If only I paid more attention! You bend your knees all the way to a squatting position and reel the line in as much as you can, as fast as you can. Once you feel resistance (sometimes after only a quarter turn), you slowly straighten your legs. As you straighten up, you keep your eye at the tip of your fishing rod, which is also rising. Once the tip of the rod is pointed all the way up, you bend your knees quickly and start reeling again. You repeat this up-and-down motion over and over and over again until either the fish or the fisher gives up. In this case, it was clear to me that none of these guys (Chad, Danny or Mable) were going back to shore without the fish on board… if it takes all day.

Mable was on the angler’s chair for over five agonizing hours! 5 hours and 20 minutes to be exact. She did not once whine or complain, and if the Captain did not suggest that Danny relieve her, I think she would still be there. Mable was prepared to do the long haul, but no doubt, she was tired.

*continued in Catch of a Lifetime (part 4)*

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