Catch of a Lifetime (part 2)

Live one running!

After our mini fishing course, I remained on the angler’s chair visualizing a fish on the line. I thought, if you can see it, it will come… or something like that. In our very handy Frommer’s travel book, it said Kona was internationally known as the marlin capital of the world. I thought it would be really cool to catch a Blue Marlin. What better photo to put on Facebook!

But after a few minutes of intense visualizing, my eyelids started to get heavy. Mable forgot to mention that one of the side effects of Gravol was drowsiness. I then spent the rest of our boat ride falling in and out of consciousness.

The boat was chartered from 7am-11am. At around 10:45am, it was becoming clear that this was to be the most expensive sightseeing boat ride ever. But, just as the Captain was about to give the orders to reel the lines in and turn the boat around, TIK-TIK-TIK-TIK-TIK!!! I woke up to the sounds of Mable and Danny screaming, “Fish! Fish! We have a fish!”

What was I thinking jumping onto the angler's chair?!

Mable and I agreed that if we do get a live one, I would be the one to sit on the angler’s chair. She wanted me to get the full fishing experience. So without thinking, and still half-asleep, I made my way to the chair. Mable and Danny helped me get strapped in and I started reeling. WHOA! Why was the reel so heavy?! I was struggling with every turn.  It wasn’t like this when we were doing our rehearsal dry-run this morning. Was the line jammed? Then I looked out into the water and saw what was at the end of the line. Holy cow! It was about 30 feet away and it was the biggest fish I had ever seen. I couldn’t take my eyes off this sea creature, and for a moment, I was mesmerized to the point of immobility.

“Go! Go! Go! Keep reeling!” yelled the Captain. Yes, I was awake now and fully aware that I was playing tug-o-war with a giant Pacific Blue Marlin!

Everybody got excited at the sight of this fish. “It’s an easy 5, maybe 6!” Danny declared. “She’s a big girl,” Captain Chad confirmed. In English, they’ve assessed that this was an easy 500, maybe 600-pound, female fish. And they knew, for a fact, that it was female because any marlin that weighed over 300 pounds was a female marlin. I didn’t know that even in the sea world, it’s the women who dominate. Awesome!

This is no joke! I'm sooo not fit to go fishing!

“Keep reeling! Don’t stop. You can do it!” I knew Captain Chad, Danny and Mable were all trying to encourage me. But I also knew they were nuts to think that I could actually reel this giant in. The reel just became harder and more resistant with every turn. Here I am pulling what could possibly be a 600-pound fish, when I can’t even do 10 bicep curls with a 20-pound barbell. I knew that if we had any chance at all with this fish, someone else had to sit on this chair. After some more token reeling and pictures for Facebook, I thought it best to let the real people do the real fishing. I passed on the angler’s chair to Mable, stood back and did what I do best… take pictures.

*continued in Catch of a Lifetime (part 3)*


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2 Responses to Catch of a Lifetime (part 2)

  1. Narcy says:

    Your right, my God, so big, are u sure, fish did not eat human? So what did u do with the fish? Looking with all your actions, u made us laughed.

  2. Happy to entertain you, Narcy! The fish belongs to the fishing charter company. They were going to clean it and put it in the market.

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